Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Situs Informasi Internet

Situs Informasi Internet

Windows Phone 7 Vs Android 2.2 Froyo

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:45 PM PST

A Brief Comparison between Windows Phone 7 and Android 2.2 Froyo. Choosing Smartphone is not easy as we chose beverages to drink. You have to consider many aspects of the features. The systems operations in the Smartphone offer their advantages. People usually get confused to chose the best operating system. Android 2.2 or Windows 7? [...]

HTC EVO 4G Tips and Tricks: Download YouTube Video

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:40 PM PST

YouTube is a website which provides million videos for public. It does not have limitation for the watcher. But you must connect to the internet if you want to see the videos that you want to watch. Ho if your connection is in the down connection condition? Do you want to wait such a long [...]

Android Tips: How To Boot Your Android Phone Into Recovery Mode

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:35 PM PST

Booting your Android phone into recovery mode is an easy way. But it is not considered to be easy if you do not know the way. Follow these tips that may be useful for you. The very first thing you must do is installing the recoverist. The usual ware for recovery is Clockwork Recovery. Make [...]

Motorola Droid X Tips and Tricks: Get Insane Battery Life

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:30 PM PST

For the user of Motorola Droid X, you do not need to be confused to get insane battery life. Motorola Droid X has standard battery Li-Po 1540 mAh. If your activity with your device is a high density, your battery will be draining fast. But do not worry. There are a hundred way to solve [...]

Unbreakable AMOLED Screen From Samsung

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:59 AM PST

For the high technology lover, there is a new display that is rocketing today. The popularity is rising from day to day. It is AMOLED display. It is the most used display for LCD tv display, mobile phones and notebook. AMOLED is abbreviation for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. This device is very thin. [...]

How to Import Nokia Phone Contacts to Android Phone

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:52 AM PST

To import your old Nokia phone contacts to new Android phone, here are two simple tricks to do. First, you can export all of contacts from Outlook or other email software that you're using into .csv format. Import the contacts to Gmail account, wait the sync process within minutes, and voila, the desired contacts will [...]

How to Root Your HTC Desire Z

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 06:47 AM PST

There are so many advantages when you're rooting your Android devices like  HTC Desire Z. Maybe you may ask what rooting is? The simple definition of rooting is to update your ROM Android phone and power your Android performance beyond the limit. On the same way, rooting allows your Android to the full extent that [...]

Android Tips: How to Upload Video to Facebook

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 03:24 AM PST

Do you want to upload and share your video with your family and friends in Facebook and wonder how Android can manage this problem in an instant?  Here are tips and tricks to upload your video from Android to Facebook directly. First, you can try this simple way. All you have to do is login [...]

iPhone 4 Tips: How to Stop iPhone Auto Screen Rotation

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 03:21 AM PST

At first glance, iPhone4 amazes you with its Auto Screen Rotation. You can easily display content in portrait mode and switch into landscape mode by turning your iPhone 4 sideway. Sometimes this automatic switch ability makes you feel uncomfortable. For instances, when you're trying to go online, or typing some messages, somehow your iPhone4's turning [...]

T-Mobile My Touch 4G Vs HTC Evo 4G

Posted: 11 Jan 2011 03:14 AM PST

Now Smartphone was so familiar with us with the sophisticated technology. Everybody know with this device and many people want to get this device because it has a modern feature and so useful to help their job and also browsing to the internet of course. We know there are so many brand, so many technology [...]

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