Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Situs Informasi Internet

Situs Informasi Internet

Samsung Captivate Tips and Tricks: How to take Screenshots

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:39 AM PST

Samsung captivate is using Android 2.1 and it has good enough feature that can make the user felt amazed. But do you want to know how to make a screen shoot? This Samsung type has a nice that help you to make great screen capture from your device. But at first you must download and then install the android software development kit to PC and also install the java SE software development kit and follow this order. Step to install software in the Computer at first extract the Google Android SDK to a folder and don't forget to Installing the Java software.

And now at first Via USB cable, you can connect your device to your computer. And it will be installing the driver so it can work and support with Samsung captivate device. On the Samsung captivate entry, right click and select properties and order to install the driver that support with the device; browse the file in the Android software that you extracted before. And then in the Android file folder that you extracted, double click the Setup.exe so the software will be start. Click refresh to update the list of application that available in the Google. Check the section to the URL that was shown on the software; and now you are served with Android software list and Application of Google you want to install. But for great compatibility, it will recommend you to choose all of package. When you finished the download, the software will be closed and then browse the equipment folder in the Android folder that you extracted before and run DDMS.BAT to running the Debug Monitor. The software will be launch with DOS window. And then you should click it to choose it. There is a Device menu and then you can select Screen Capture or you can press CTRL+S key so the capture will be performing on the screen. But we recommend clicking the copy then pasting the screenshot to image editor software, because there is a bug that can make the screenshot not good enough.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Vs BlackBerry Torch 9800

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:29 AM PST

Now in this modern era, Smartphone was so famous and familiar with us. Everybody know and want to get this device because it has a modern feature and so useful to help their job. Who didn't know with blackberry Smartphone? Everybody knows with this brand. And in this section we will compare between BlackBerry Bold 9780 Vs BlackBerry Torch 9800. Physically, they have some different.

rim blackberry bold 9780 BlackBerry Bold 9780 Vs BlackBerry Torch 9800 rim blackberry torch 9800 BlackBerry Bold 9780 Vs BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Bold 9780 has usual model like the older type of this brand with QWERTY keypad, but it has many better feature with the older type. It has great quality camera with 5 Megapixels camera, OS Blackberry 6. With this new Operating System, it has better interface with the older OS Blackberry 5. The new feature from this new OS is weskits browser and universal searches feature. But it has the other feature like Wi Fi, support external memory until 32 GB, Bluetooth and 3G. With this new feature, Blackberry Bold 9870 will be selling about $469, 99.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 look more elegant and sophisticated. This Smartphone has slide keyboard with QWERTY keypad and the screen is touch screen. It has the same OS like BlackBerry Bold 9780 that is OS BlackBerry 6. It has other feature too like wifi, Bluetooth, built in memory 4 GB, 5 Megapixels camera, 3G and GPS. With this feature, BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be selling about $543, 99.

Android Tips: Saving and Improve Battery Life

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:20 AM PST

Android is a new OS that produce by Google. Even this operating system is new but many people know and like to try using this operating system to working. And there are top feature in this OS that can make our job do more effective and easy. And one of that feature is to save and improve battery live. So users no need to recharge their battery too often and spend a lot of battery energy the running the program. And there are some Android tips to reduce battery usage:

1.  Disable Always-On the Mobile Data

In default mode this will always-on, but you can disable it. And the step is choose Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Enable-disable always-on mobile data as it will reduce the battery use.

2.  Turn off wireless network positioning when it is not use

You can change this option by choose Settings > Location > Use wireless networks. Using GPS too often will drain your battery so use it only when you need it

3.  Do not using the live wallpaper

Animated wallpaper will always make the processor working all the time and it will reduce your battery faster, so we recommend you to turn of the live wallpaper.

There are some tips to prolong battery life, we hope this tips useful.

Android 2.2 Froyo Tips: Install Applications to the SD Card by Default

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:13 AM PST

The Froyo system installs are still new and in order to make it easier for users, here are some guides:

The first step is that you have to activate your USB debugging. You can go to setting, then applications, then choose development and then choose USB debugging. After that you will need to download and install the Android SDK. After installing the Android SBK in your computer, you will need to connect your phone to your computer by using USB cable. You don't need to stick up your device, just use the USB cable and plugged it into your computer. After doing so, the next step is to activate the USB debugging in your phone, then change the connection to "charge only" and after that you just simply follow the next tutorial.

The next step is to run the prompt and go to Android SDK folder. If you are doing it from your computer then, you could use "run" feature which can be seen in start menu. You need to change the command prompt by using the drive letter which later on followed by (:) and after that you can replace the file with CD command.

You must remember that is it recommended installing some applications to the master memory. Because it will take some time before the SD is active when you turn on your phone. Applications that are installed in memory are not available to the system every time you connect your phone and turn it into drive. And then, you can enjoy Android 2.2 Froyo.

Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Captivate & Samsung Vibrant

Posted: 04 Jan 2011 06:22 PM PST

Samsung's latest launched product which is Galaxy S is available in some types, which are fascinate, epic 4G, captivate, and Vibrant. All of them are completed with super AMOLED screen; the latest content will provide movie features and TV programming. There are some differences, for example mobile hotspot, camera flash, and front facing camera. Below are some guides that will help you in using the phone.

In order to change the theme of your widgets, shortcut, and folders, you can put widget to your main screen. Then you can choose for wallpapers, and any other that you like to redecorate. You can also socialize your hub. In order to do these you must go to setting, then choose Accounts & Sync then select the option add account under the screen and follow the guide.

Here is also a guide in using "swipe finger". It's simple, you just need to touch the screen and move around your fingers to your desired text. You can also change the style of the word, and spacing, and many more. You can also do the "write and go" message. To do this, you just need to go to applications, and then choose "write and go" option. Samsung captivate and vibrant have the hardware which support HMDI. This will enable you to connect to media. DNLA also provided in all Samsung Galaxy series. This also enable device wirelessly.

HTC Evo 4G Tips and Tricks You Should know

Posted: 04 Jan 2011 06:10 PM PST

HTC Evo 4G is the first phone which has WIMAX feature. Completed with an 8 megapixels camera, and 3G/4G hotspot feature. For those who use this phone these are some tips to help you. In order to add ringtones, alarms, and notification in EVo you need to make a folder with a name audio in your media folder. And then make sub-folder with a name ringtones, alarms, and so on. And after that you can simply put any ring style in these folders.

HTC Evo 4G 300x242 HTC Evo 4G Tips and Tricks You Should know

In order to have the contact showed up in the favorites, you must go to people application and then choose your contact. After than you can select the edit option and then selects group in the favorite group. To change the originally sets action when you select a contact, you can go to people application, and then select your contact, then click the menu button below your phone, then choose "more", and then select "set widget action". In here you can choose the one you desire from your HTC Evo 4G phone.

If you wish to set the backlight stay on during power, then you can simply go to menu, then settings, choose application, and then development, and in the end choose stay awake. If you wish to make a different ring style for email or text message, then simply go to menu, then settings, and choose notification sound. For deleting all text at the same time, you can go to your email (Gmail or yahoo mail) then delete them from there. You can change the update information about weather. You just need to go to setting, then accounts & sync, and then choose weather. If you like to non -activate or replace the picture of 'green android robot" then you must have someone you call, put a picture to your call. Those are the guides that you might need. Hope this will prove you great effort. Especially for those who are using this WIMAX phone.

Best Tricks on Using HTC Droid

Posted: 04 Jan 2011 05:54 PM PST

HTC Droid 157x300 Best Tricks on Using HTC DroidHTC Droid Incredible is one of so many high tech smart phones in the world. It has capacity of 8 GB internal storage, 748 of Rom, completed with an 8 Megapixel dual LED camera, touch screen, and also completed with HTC's Sense UI on-board. With these equipments inside the phone, it sure will perform a great service for you. Here are some features that might help you using the phone:

If you press and hold the home button, it will show you the last 6 programs you recently used instead of which is already open. Inactivate the mobile web pages: click the internet browser, go to menu, then settings, and uncheck the "mobile View". Unique Characters can be found in 12# key on the right side of the space, or the ½ on the left side. Camera Guides: if you press the tap for some time and hold it, it will automatically take a picture without you pressing the mouse button for the camera. Photos and Landscapes:  you can go to menu, choose setting, and then choose sound & Display, and after that choose G-sensor Calibration.

Tips for HTC Droid for downloading applications: you must wait for the notification which appears on the top of home screen which inform you that the download is complete. The pull down the notification box , click it for the latest application that you download. This can only work once.

Browsing text:  when you are browsing, a long press will bring a new window to a copy or share. To have more text excerpted, you can drag the marked frame to the one you selected. Connect contacts to face book: from the contact option, you can click and hold on their picture and then you can choose how to contact them. Connecting to your Voice mail:  go to setting, call, choose VM setting, and then choose VM number. Those are some guides for you who use this HTC Droid. With this information you can get a better performance in your phone.

Tips and Tricks for Samsung Vibrant

Posted: 04 Jan 2011 05:43 PM PST

Samsung vibrant for T-mobile is the newest style of smart phone. Completed with super AMOLED screen this could give you better view. Below are some tips and tricks that may help you using the phone. Go to call in contact application: go to the left side of the contact and your phone will automatically call the selected contact. Go to text in contact application:  go to the right side of a contact number and the phone will automatically show the selected contact number.

samsung vibrant 300x222 Tips and Tricks for Samsung Vibrant

Your Profile: you can find it in the contacts application, press menu then more, and then my profile. By doing this you can set your profile for example your address, photos, email, and so on. Recorder application: on the application option chooses menu then view type. Through that, you can organize  Samsung Vibrant with any application. Deleting a screen:  go to main screen, and then choose menu then edit, by doing so you can add or remove a screen and organize them.

Incoming calls announcer: change the setting of message and incoming calls into voice, so it will detect your incoming call or message. You will need to go to setting, then text to speech, and then choose driving mode. Changing speech to text typing: If you have the android keyboard with you, then there will be a mic appears on the left side below the space, which googles talk becomes text. You will find out when you try this application, it will tell you what to do. Just read your Samsung vibrant review and the best features will help you on your daily communication.

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