Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cyber Terror Book! Hacker5: Hackers Magazine

Cyber Terror Book! Hacker5: Hackers Magazine

Link to Cyber Terror Book! Hacker5 is India's First Hackers Magazine. Unite All Indian Hackers.

China’s Internet Hijacking Uncovered [CyberWar]

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 02:53 PM PST

Cybercrime experts have found proof that China hijacked the Internet for 18 minutes last April. China absorbed 15% of the traffic from US military and civilian networks, as well as from other Western countries—a massive chunk. Nobody knows why. On April 8, China Telecom's routers sent messages declaring that their network channels were the fastest available at that point. Since the traffic routing is based on trust between the world's telecommunication providers, other Internet routers...

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What is News Makers Publications Pvt. Ltd

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 02:33 PM PST

News Makers Publications Pvt. Ltd. is promoted with an intention to overcome the evils of fourth estate and do justice to the profession of journalism. Basic InfoSex:FemaleCurrent City:Mumbai, MaharashtraHometown:Mumbai (Bombay)Political Views:Just to cover the new and expose wrongReligious Views:faith in humanityBioNews Makers Publications Pvt. Ltd. is promoted with an intention to overcome the evils of fourth estate and do justice to the profession of journalism. We champion the new brand of...

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Hackers and Cyber Criminals Beware!!!! U.S. Cyber Command is Fully Operational!!!!

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 12:23 PM PST

Cyber Command Achieves Full Operational Capability Department of Defense announced today that U.S. Cyber Command has achieved full operational capability (FOC). Achieving FOC involved U.S. Cyber Command completing a number of critical tasks to ensure it was capable of accomplishing its mission. U.S. Cyber Command is responsible for directing activities to operate and defend DoD networks. "I am confident in the great service members and civilians we have here at U.S. Cyber Command. Cyberspace is...

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Russian Hackers Hacks Citibank: Steal Millions

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 12:20 PM PST

GLOBAL finance giant Citigroup is denying reports hackers stole "tens of millions" of dollars from its banking arm Citibank midway through the year. The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported the money was lost to "malicious software created in Russia" and that the case was being investigated by the FBI. The Wall Street Journal reported a specialised piece of malware known as "Black Energy" was behind the losses, having been modified to steal banking authentication details. "There's a newer,...

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Cyber Crime: Things You should know

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 12:12 PM PST

The use of computers and the internet has expanded exponentially over the years. Along with this increased use of the World Wide Web comes a surge of crimes that are specific to the cyber world and very detrimental to a society that relies on these computers. Everyone who uses the internet is a potential victim. In the enforcement of these criminal offenses, it is imperative to incarcerate the small percentage who are criminal users and to protect the majority of users who are innocent. There...

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Cyber Criminals Are Also Human: Cyber Terrorists are People Too

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 12:03 PM PST

In my openion, the Cyber security is a human problem, but not a technology problem. Sure it manifests itself through technology, but unless, and until you realise that humans are at the heart of it, you are never going to crack it. What does this mean? It means we doesn't just hire computer geeks — not just brought electronic engineers and computer scientists — But better is to hires human scientists and even sociologists..BUT WHY??? Because We can't claim to understand the system we are trying...

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Military targeted after TinKode gets in the news

Posted: 12 Nov 2010 11:42 AM PST

The Ministry of Defence is battling a wave of copycat attacks after a hacker took down the Royal Navy's public website this week. Simon Kershaw, head of defence security and assurance services, said IT staff have been monitoring many more attempts to penetrate military sites than usual since the hack, which emerged on Monday. The site remains offline today, replaced by a screenshot and a message saying it is undergoing essential maintenance. Kershaw, speaking at a cyber security conference in...

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A Fake Email Invitation To This Year's Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 09:17 AM PST

A fake email invitation to this year's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is currently circulating and carrying with it a virus capable of infecting the computer of anyone who opens it, computer security experts warned. Appearing to come from the Oslo Freedom Forum, a group with no direct Nobel ties, the email includes a PDF attachment containing a so-called "Trojan horse," allowing hackers to take control of victims' computers, reported the Contagio Internet security...

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