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How Air Conditioning Work for You

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 10:22 PM PDT

Air conditioning has fundamentally changed how people experience the world. When it’s hot outside, walking into an air-conditioned house is like walking into another season. Few pieces of technology have had such a striking effect on people’s daily lives. Find out how air conditioners keep us cool.

Air Conditioner(advantages, disadvantages, power)

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 09:20 PM PDT

In modern and well planned housing it is today quite electric cooling from without. Cooling with air conditioning is expensive and pollutes your household budget. In existing homes or office buildings, but also in favorable planned houses but air conditioning is a marked improvement in living comfort cause.

Tips for buying air conditioner:

Air conditioners are robust and often work more than 10 years. So if you are in the situation are that your home in the summer without air conditioning unit overheated too much, you should consider the following tips when buying:


Mobile single-hose units draw air to the outside, so that when blowing out the exhaust through the negative pressure warm air into the house. eg. on tilted windows. This go around 25% of the power lost.

Better are two hose devices, the air flow in both the House and from the house each have a separate tube which is solved for. This will be no vacuum in the house, which happens regardless of the cooling air and is therefore much more efficient.

CRYONOMIC have the disadvantage that the noise is very audible and quite often felt to be disturbing. The tube penetrations shall be sealed forever, otherwise the devices work very inefficient and the power consumption rises sharply. Even if you said the seller that the exhaust air through a window slit enough – I tells you not to often that this substantial increase in energy consumption associated one. Think before you buy, where you can blow warm air into the open, and whether the exhaust hose is long enough. For all devices, you should purchase the energy label look for, they buy only A devices. The placing of a plaque by the merchant energy is used in the devices mandatory in private households.

The best (and most expensive) solution is the use of a split unit. In these devices, the noisy compressor installed outside the house, the fan and the evaporator are quiet and are mounted inside the house. The fitting of the compressor, you should place in the shade on the north side select one to energy-efficient operation to provide a maximum.

In the future could also bring the technology of solar cooling remedy, where the heat from solar panels to the building cooling is used.

Determine the required power

An accurate estimate is possible only with a cooling load. A rough estimation, the following guidelines can help.

  • Windows without shading direction S, SW, W: 300 W per m² glass
  • Windows without shading direction SO, O, W: 250 W per m² Glass
  • Window with external shading above values divided by 4
  • Windows with internal shading above values divided by 2
  • Windows to the north: 50 W per m² glass
  • Skylights: 400-500 W per m² glass
  • Exterior walls, interior walls to adjacent rooms, ceiling, floor (except ground or basement): 10-20 W per m²
  • Permanently switched electrical appliances: individual sum
  • Per person in space stays constant at 150 W

Order in kW (kilowatts) to get the power, divide by 1000th In single-hose compact devices, you should value determined again the 1.3 expected.

Air Conditioners Tips and Air Conditioners Guide!

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 08:35 PM PDT

Maintaining Air Conditioners Reviews

Take care of your room air conditioner pertaining to highest possible cooling capability.

Your own air conditioner operates much better as well as less expensive to utilize after that.

In addition, it is maintained more time. it is maintained more time. The particular air appearing out of this smells more effective too.

You will see effects right away while using next ways.

Clear out the filter along with soak it within sudsy water. Make it soak regarding 5-10 minutes.

After that wash the filter altogether within clear water. Now let the filter drip dry ahead of re-installing it.

Cleaning up the filter is important to keep max cooling power for your personal air conditioner.

Consider the over-all air conditioner out from the casing along with set it outside in the sunshine.

You might put it upon cinder blocks or even saw horse.Squirt this coils from the air conditioner along with clear water through the hose.

Be certain to make use of a really light spray of water. And then squirt Simple Green within the coils straight.

Enable stand only a few minutes. Spray the coils using clear water within the hose and also see the dirt float out.

Let your air conditioner to dry 100 % under the sun. Touching it to be sure it’s totally dry.

And then get it back on the inside. Set up the air conditioner back to the casing, as well as add the grille into it. Plug it in, and also turn it on.

You must sense cooling air after the compressor begins. Try this one per year pertaining to right routine maintenance.

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