Saturday, July 24, 2010

Situs Informasi Internet

Situs Informasi Internet

New version of Firefox for eBay

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 12:19 PM PDT

eBay has the final version of its Firefox Edition introduced. This provides a quick overview and access to important auction tools.

The sidebar shows, which provided the article and allows constant observation. The latest events are retrieved via real time update.

In addition, the eBay user is informed whether he has been outbid or when an offer expires. A antiphising protection is designed to secure payments via PayPal.

Audio and Video Convert Free as Ringtones for iPhone

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 12:02 PM PDT

Wondershare iPhone Ringtone Converter brings music and video as a ringtone on Apple’s iPhone. This software cuts out any clips or videos of songs and turns them into iPhone ringtones with adjustable tone duration.

As a ringtone provided music or video to load in the main view of Wondershare iPhone Ringtone Converter. Here is laid down by the sliders start or end point of the so-called ringtones with fade-in and Fade effects. The starting material of the converter accepts any music and video formats like M4A, WMA, AAC, mp3 and WMV, MP4 or Flash Video. If desired, the software transmits the converted M4R ringtones directly to the iPhone or iTunes .

iphone ringtone converter sc 150x150  Audio and Video Convert Free as Ringtones for iPhoneWondershare iPhone Ringtone can easily use and supports many audio and video formats for very individual ringtones.

Wondershare iPhone Converter Ringtone supported formats:


Video: M2TS, TP, AVI, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, ASF, DAT, MOV, MOD, MKV, FLV. Download

Convert video for iPhone and iPod

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 11:40 AM PDT

Sothink iPhone Video Converter converts audio and video files, especially the portable player in order for apple. The tool does the job of course, for those who use the appropriate formats on PC or via Apple TV.

iphonevideo3 Convert video for iPhone and iPod

With the help of Sothink iPod Video Converter knit multimedia fans of popular video and audio formats for the i-units by. In addition, the program offers a powerful multicore-enabled batch mode, which is also the fun of converting MPEG-4 movies in H.264 is not spoiled. Enjoyment of the highest resolution!

Video Converter for iPhone and iPod

The ready-converted data copied Sothink Video Converter iPhone without going through iTunes directly to the portable devices. If you like, but it fits easily into even the libraries of Apple’s media player.

- Supported video formats:

AVI, MPG, MKV, MOV, WMV ASF, MP4, 3GP, RM, RMVB and many more

- Audio formats supported:

MP3 , WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, APE, and CUE further. Download

Graphics Program: Made Picture Gallery and Screen Saver itself

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 11:13 AM PDT

Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic transforms digital photos into animated image galleries for publishing on the Internet. Alternatively, the tool saves the graphic stuff as a screen saver application on the home PC from the.

Managing the Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic goes easy. After the selection of his favorite photos when placed comfortably in the desired order. On board tools, the software for some basic image processing. Even it the images if necessary, cut from a particular area or adding written comments. Some special effects can be found in the palette. If desired, add also existing MP3 files into an audio track. Here is the graphics program the user also various options for the size and the quality to choose from.

aneesoftflashgallery 300x219 Graphics Program: Made Picture Gallery and Screen Saver itselfaneesoftflashgallery21 300x219 Graphics Program: Made Picture Gallery and Screen Saver itself

Graphics program: to make pictures galleries set to music, and screen saver itself

You simply select from a number supplied templates for the best, then meet a few mouse clicks, and the program gets to work. Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic exported the galleries either as a SWF movie, even taking off as EXE file, in the form of an HTML page or as already mentioned as a screen saver. Download

PDF Editor: Passwords and Remove Metadata Editing

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 10:29 AM PDT

Simpo PDF Password Remover, removes password protection from the Adobe Reader documents.

pdpasswordremover 300x207 PDF Editor: Passwords and Remove Metadata Editingpdfpasswordremover2 300x207 PDF Editor: Passwords and Remove Metadata Editing

PDF Editor: passwords and remove metadata editing

This requires knowing the original password. If we have typed this, simple reset PDF Password or Remove password. Standing for example, previously locked options such as printing or editing of PDF files available again.

PDF Editor: Remove and replace passwords

Furthermore Simpo PDF Password Remover replaced if necessary, a weakly encrypted access protection with powerful RC4 or AES-128 bit passwords base. In addition it can revise the so-called metadata, where available, for example, information about the author or creation date. Download

Firefox slowly: Tuning-Trick make the browser faster

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 09:40 AM PDT

pc tuning sl 2 runde ecken 51px Firefox slowly: Tuning Trick make the browser fasterIn particular, users of Firefox 3 often suffer from a slow start the browser. Moreover, murky increased hard drive and processor requests the surf simply unheard of. The culprit is just a useful security feature.

Firefox slowly Tuning Trick 150x150 Firefox slowly: Tuning Trick make the browser fasterIn the latest Firefox version is an integrated function that warns of phishing and malware. Attention at the stages of the blacklist updated browser once or twice per hour. This is the trigger for long waiting times and high resource consumption.

To release the brake:

  • Start Firefox and click Tools and then Options.
  • Switch to the tab Security.
  • Remove the check mark for each block “site if it has been reported as attacking ‘and’ block site if it has been reported as attempted fraud.”
  • Apply the changes by clicking OK.

The loading time of Firefox should be reduced significantly, as is the large memory hunger of the past.

Look out! IE7 / IE 8 and Windows XP Service Pack 3!

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 09:16 AM PDT

Do you have IE 7 or even the beta of IE8 installed? And now you want to upgrade Windows XP Service Pack 3 may again present? That should be no problem. But surprise already that the creative department, the operating system hacks with the two big letters also built a little “gimmick”..

First, the case of the problems does not make: you have installed IE7/IE8b ironing, then the SP3 on your machine and want more downgrade IE does not.

If one decides, however, after the recording of the SP3 from one of the current IE versions, will know that difficult. For the Microsoftler uninstall opportunity aware of both the new browser is disabled.

This is due to statements by Microsoft PM Jane Maliouta to the fact that the SP3 an updated version of IE6 is delivered. When upgrading to the IE7/IE8b backups created your IE6. And apparently there are difficulties, the updated version of the review to IE6 from the service pack on the backup of the old version, which is however not comment further.

The solution:

Option 1)

Uninstall  IE8b or IE7, then  install SP3, then reinstall IE7/IE8b. Enjoy the complete freedom, up-and downgrade to your heart.

Option 2)

Let the IE7/IE8b installed and run the SP3 Setup. If you decide later won against the current browser version, you only need to uninstall just the service pack 3 in order then to uninstall one of Tab browser to revert to the good old Internet Explorer 6.

eSobi, Your Personal Global News Center

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 09:05 AM PDT

eSobi Navigator is an innovative Internet for information. eSobi in March 2008 its collaboration with Acer Inc. has announced. All sold worldwide Windows-based notebook and desktop PCs include Acer now eSobi Lite v2.0, the personal world news center with pre-installed RSS newsreader and Document Organizer.

esobi shot1 150x150 eSobi, Your Personal Global News CentereSobi to users searching for information to support the Internet, so that they are wasting no time with inappropriate or unsorted entries. The user can thereby preferred keywords in the channel monitoring eSobi RSS reader enter to automatically and efficiently to pursue these keywords matching articles instead of reading the entire RSS news database. The user can store useful information in the document clipping, in order to edit and use with a simple click with other people together. By working together these two functions are achieved by the user in managing its Internet information twice result with half the effort.

“We strive Acer us to offer our customers the most innovative tools. Looking for information on the Internet should be simple and fun to play, “said Jim Wong, senior corporate vice president and president of IT Products Business Group, Acer Inc.” eSobis smart navigation ability through the world of Internet data is our Acer users each day throughout new, useful Internet-adventure gain. ”

“We are proud to provide our users the Acer particularly efficient Internet information management software,” said Wen Lee, CEO of eSobi Inc. “We are convinced that eSobi will provide Acer customers for a brand new vision.”

For more information, visit eSobi software under

Knowing More Details USB 3.0 Technology

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 08:12 AM PDT

USB 3 0 icon Knowing More Details USB 3.0 TechnologyTechnology of Universal Serial Bus (USB) has become the standard devices that are connected to a computer, ranging from the hard drive, mouse, printers, cameras, and others. USB 1.0 actually already started to be introduced since 1996, but began to be popular when USB 2.0 came in the early 2001’s (with speeds up to 40x USB 1.0 – 480 Mbits/s or about 57 Mbytes/s). Then in 2010 it introduced a USB 3.0 started, how the performance?

USB 2.0 is known as High-Speed USB, while USB 3.0 term with the SuperSpeed, because the speed can be said Super. Here are more detailed explanations.

usb 2 0 usb 3 0 520x125 Knowing More Details USB 3.0 Technology

USB 3.0 Specifications

Some changes have been implemented in USB 3.0 line with the increased use of external devices and the need for higher speeds. Here’s a brief explanation of the technology.

Transfer Rate
USB 3.0 data transfer speeds of about 3200 Mbits/s (3.2 GBits/s or 400 Mbytes/s), and in theory can achieve 4.8 Gbit/s. This speed is 6x to 10x faster than USB 2.0 maximum speed.

Data Transfer
USB 3.0 data transfer technology introduces two-way (full duplex), so it can read and write data simultaneously. USB 2.0 and earlier do not support this bi-directional technology.

Electric voltage is derived from 4.4 V to 4V, then the flow also improved (to 150mA), so in addition to more energy efficient, USB 3.0 port can be used 4-6 devices and increase the recharging.

Power Management
Power management is better than USB 2.0, so that support idle, sleep and suspend.

Physical Forms
USB 3.0 edge same as USB 2.0 (standard), but the cable therein will be more, there are an additional 4 USB 2.0 channels compared to cable (a total 9 cable channels).

What about USB 2.0 users?

Currently the majority of electronic devices still use USB 2.0 technology, then what if later on have started to change with USB 3.0?. Do not to worry, USB 3.0 is also concerned about previous technology.

USB 3.0 compatible with USB 2.0, so USB 2.0 devices will still be used in USB 3.0 port and will work with USB 2.0 standard speed. But not vice versa, a USB 3.0 device can not be installed on USB 2.0 port.

Operating System Support
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux already supports USB 3.0, and Mac will soon follow. But for Windows XP until now there is no certainty whether there will be an update to this new interface.

Besides having various advantages above, the USB 3.0 interface also has some shortcomings, including the following:

* The length of cable. USB 3.0 is the maximum length of cables was reduced to 3 meters (USB 2.0 maximum 5 meters). While this can be overcome by adding a USB Hub.

* Speed Limit, not all devices can use USB 3.0 full speed, such as magnetic hard drive is limited to the speed of rotation of the disk copies.

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