Monday, July 26, 2010

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Compare And Find The Best Affordable Web Host

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 08:15 PM PDT

Best Web Hosts, no doubt provides all the features and benefits to bloggers for completely free, and thus till date, it stands as the most famous Blogging platform on the Internet.
But nowadays, most of the bloggers don't want to limit their blogs to just some posts and widgets. To add additional blogs/websites (based on other blogging platforms like, WordPress and Joomla) and CMS (content management systems) to your current blogs, it is necessay to have your own domain and hosting on the Internet.
Although you don't have to search a lot to find a good domain-seller, but it does take a lot of time and intense search to find a host that offers great features at an affordable price.
While searching a web-host, you must focus on 5 main criteria, viz.:
1. Web space - More means better. Presently most of the web hosts are providing unlimited web space, so it's better to avoid those with any kind of limitation in providing space.
2. Bandwidth - Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to visit your blog each month. So, again with increasing popularity of a website any limit on bandwidth can potentially harm the website. Therefore just like web space, you should prefer a service that offers unlimited bandwidth.
3. Uptime - All the good web-hosting sites claim to have 99% uptime. But you must refer to their reviews at various forums and blogs. Or at least refer to some good web-hosts review site.
4. Scripts and Special Features - The host must support and offer all the various latest scripts. Look out for other special features like free domain names, Photo-Gallery platforms, Shopping carts, secure servers etc. And of course the interface must be user-friendly too.
5. Price - This is where most of us change our decisions and sometimes even settle for a sub-standard deal just because of the lower costs. But with some basic search on Google and other web-host guides, you can easily get a list of best website hosting sites.

WebHostingRating as the name says, reviews and rates other webhosts. The results are available on their website which can be accessed by anyone and so you can find the best web host for your needs:
WebHostingRating Awards and Certifications are given to the best web hosts in the industry, who have proven themselves by delivering exceptional service to their customers. All of our certified web hosting providers are carefully examined by experienced webmasters to provide the service you require!

WebHostingRating.comAt WebHostingRating, you will find sites ranked and categorized based on different parameters like Best Budget, Windows, Linux and Reseller hosting, (Best of 2009) location of servers (country), price range and based on different hosting platforms. Along with their own reviews and ratings you will also find reviews by other users too on their website. Moreover every hosting service has been reviewed by them separately to focus, comment and rate every feature offered by that service.
So do pay a visit to WebHostingRating before you finalise a web host for our next website.

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